Merry Crassmas (7 Dec 2017)

December's XXXmas edition of Rule 34 saw us erecting the tree and get fisted under the mistletoe!

"Merry Crassmas" featured a sack full of Christmas-themed scenes that couldn't be unseen, with performances that exploited, subverted, perverted and downright ruined the magic the Christmas!

Merry Crassmas featured performances by: Emmeline Spankshurts, Mister Ree, Yonic Boom, Porcelain Alice, Miss Surely Knot, Dance Like a Diva Troupe (feat. Mister Ree & Turquoise D’lite), Persephone Peach, Aleni Deviate, Ripper Gently, Harley Quim, Amie Wee and myrrh...

Amie Wee