Dirty Money (7 Nov 2018)

Ka-ching! Calling all big spenders, gold diggers, billionaires, rich girls, money honeys, material girls and broke mofos.

This month’s show was all about money! Spending, making, loving it, hating it, stealing it, saving As Miley Cyrus once sand, “Money ain't nothing but money” – whatever that means.

Whether you’ve got bags full of money, want the money, are made of money, love the smell of money, are prepared to put yer money where yer mouth is (or maybe you want to put your money on me), or there just ain’t no money – our Rule 34 Dirty Money show was for everyone.

Dirty Money featured performances by Michael Howard Wheatley, Bella Louche, Cvnt Cvlt, Carmen Monoxide, Demon Derriere, Mistress Alison and more.

Plus… who could forget Mousetrap Roulette? Pain for cash!

Amie Wee