Heavy Petting Zoo (5 Sept 2018)

For this month’s show, Rule 34 Club opens the doors to our HEAVY PETTING ZOO.

What ensued what a wild night as our team of dirty critters tore apart the double edged sword of all things “heavy petting” and “zoo” in their natural habitat.

Animalistic affection! Animal roleplay (preying mantis roleplay is so HOT right now)! Think “I wanna f@#$ you like a (farm) animal”! Think a night of WTF-did-they-just-go-there?!... all with our distinctly odd Rule 34 Club twist. Oh yeah… and IBIS PORN.

Heavy Petting Zoo featured performances by: Goldflapp, Victoria Bitter, Unholy Trinity, Nexxi, Weird Alice, Ripper Gently, Alex Xand, Amie Wee and more.

Oh, the hue-manatee!

Amie Wee