Party Monster - Our 1st Bday! (9 May 2018)

“Greetings, citizens. We are living in the age where the pursuit of all values other than money, success, fame and glamour, has either been discredited or destroyed. Money, success, fame, glamour.”


What began as a 3 month experiment in “what can we get away with on stage?!” has turned into 12 months of sold out, hilariously filthy Rule 34-themed shenanigans.

In the last year, we’ve put on 10 shows: Size Queens, Hot Mess, Science Friction, Pop Culture Perversions, The XXXorcist, Objectification, Merry Crassmas, I Love Rule 34, Crisco Disco and Shit Happens… 

For our anniversary show – PARTY MONSTER - our performers used parties, monsters, party monsters and obviously Rule 34 (if it exists, there's p0rn of it!) as their inspiration for their shows.

Party Monster featured performances by: Aaron Manhattan, Legs 11.11, Delta Roughhand & Harley Quim, Aqua Vulva, Vestri, Prince Enigma, DoshiNowashi, Chris Elena, Miss Surely Knot, YiaYia and more!

Amie Wee