XXXmas Party SANTA SHOTS (8 Dec 2018)

Inspired by an audience member who once said, “When I’m at Rule 34 Club, I feel like I’m in a John Waters movie”, Rule 34’s A VERY JOHN WATERS XXXMAS PARTY was the only Xmas party worth attending in 2018.

For one night, Rule 34 Club will hosted a huge John Waters XXXmas wonderland of perverse performances, filthy films, yuletide WTF-ery and of course, room for everyone to take those cha cha heels for well-deserved dance as we braced for the silly season and celebrate Rule 34’s second year of existence.

The event features:

- Estee Louder
- DJ MaxxxyT
- DJ Elwizzbomb.

- Chayse Longer
- Marlena Dali
- Legs 11.11
- Etcetera Etcetera
+ more

- The Pink (Kink) Flamingo!
- Mondo Treesho
- Divine's HOT SHIT booth
- Bad taste Santa photobooth with Ripper Gently & Ms Claus

Plus roving eggs, fiery wigs and more!

Photos by Roberto Duran

Amie Wee