Shit Happens (11 April 2018)

What do Rule 34 club and bodily fluids have in common? We're both gross and necessary!

Blood, sweat, tears, ejaculate? Classic bodily fluids! But what about the other weird varieties of slimes that the human body is filled to the brim with? Spit… mucus… urine… vomit… pus… bile… ear wax… pustules… sebum… milk…

Our April edition of Rule 34 club - Shit Happens -, had our our pervy carnies serving up repulsively erotic performances inspired by the liquids that gurgle away inside of us. Our audience certainly left with a deeper appreciation (and disgust) for the human body. 

The show featured performances by: Jordan Raskopoulos, Billy Bullseye, Zahra Stardust & Pup Lupe, Mel Bell, Emmeline Spankhurts, Madeleine Culp & Rara, Amie Wee and more.

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Amie Wee