EAT IT - part 2 - (6 Feb 2019)

We had only just emerged from our xmas ham-induced coma and yet we were still STARVING… but this time, for something of a different flavour…

For our first theme of 2019 was Rule 34 presents EAT IT.

This show was all about eating! You are what you eat! Force feeding! Salad tossing! Vore! Food fights! Sploshing! Wanting to eat it… not wanting to eat it… the best or worst tastes you’ve experienced… Chomping, chewing, slurping, gagging, craving and salivating to get your mouth in, on around whatever you’re EATING.

In the true spirit of Rule 34, if it exists, there is porn of it. Everything tasty was up for perversion.

This event featured performances by: The one and only BRADD, Legs 11.11, Doll, Gabriel,Angel, Rara &. Jessie, De Mon Derriere, Ember Flame, Joshi Nawashi (Aleni Dv8) & Lunar , Willow Wyld plus more surprises.

Photos by Images By BeeBee. Follow his Instagram.

Amie Wee