How it all began

For 2 years now, Rule 34 Club has kept Sydney weird.

In the spirit of "Rule 34" ("If it exists, there is porn of it"), we strive to pervert the seemingly unpervertable. Always with our tongue firmly in our cheek. Our events are always a blend of erotic, absurd, filthy, fearless, unexpected and always funny.

We run monthly performance and storytelling events in Sydney, plus sporadically put on parties in warehouses and boats…

Rule 34 is fully inclusive and puts the spotlight on local underground performers. Our events feature a mix of performance artists, singers, poets, authors, comedians, dancers and audience members who share their stories on stage.

Rule 34 Club is run by rabble arouser Amie Wee, who curates the performances and stories, working with performers of all levels to craft powerful shows every Rule 34.

Ready to join the club?

- Amie