Rule 34 presents

THE PAGEANT: Sydney 2018

An annual underground pageant of unconventional proportions


An annual underground fashion and talent show in the beauty pageant form comes… The Pageant.

A pageant with a level playing field – Rule 34 Club’s The Pageant welcomes people of all genders, sexualities, abilities and identities to compete.

The Pageant rejects the polish and pomp of traditional pageants to create a wild, fun, nonrestrictive and exciting celebration of our communities diverse identities. The ultimate goal of The Pageant is to resist the dominating norms of what’s ‘beautiful’ and create an unapologetic, playful parade and visceral visual homage of Sydney’s diverse communities.

Who can enter?

A pageant for those who relish in being the weeds amongst the flowers – The Pageant encourages contestants to bring THEIR unconventional to life, using details such as their identity, inspirations, politics,  turn ons and offs, and views of the world, to fuel and inspire their outfits and performance. The Pageant centres the creativity of DIY over store bought flashy outfits.

Think: effed up futurism, dreamy surrealism, beauty and ugliness, calm and chaos, dada issues, magnetic blends of contradiction, grotesque beauty, inflatables, fetish, stripped back, built up to inspire, shock, confront, please and/or provoke; delivered by drag artists, kings, queens, butches, femmes, queers, the curious, kinksters, club kids, bent burlesquers and brolesquers, the introverted, extroverted… The Pageant’s catwalk welcomes everyone!


Like a traditional pageant, the show will be divided into four segments: your best unconventional or signature look, a talent performance, a question and answer session, and a wild card segment that will be announced to the finalists two weeks before the show.


Prizes for the contestants TBA but will include a cash prize and great gifts from our sponsors. There will also be giveaways and prizes for the audience.



Applications now open for Sydney 2018


“The beautiful is always strange.”
— Baudelaire

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