Tell your story at Rule 34 Club

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do at Rule 34 Club. Who doesn’t love a good pervy story? That’s where OPEN MOUTH (our open mic storytelling segment) comes in!

Open Mouth guidelines:

  • Your story should be original and belong to you.

  • 5 minutes max.

  • You should have something to say about sex… sexuality, gender, porn! It does not have to specifically relate to that month’s theme… just keep it pervy and Rule 34!

  • Your story can a true story, your thoughts or a fantasy. It should be about your experiences. What is it about your story that’s unique to you?

  • Your story can be told as spoken word, an original song (byo guitar, piano, uke, triangle).

  • You can have props and a costume if you like… But remember the focus is on the story.

Open Mouth no no’s: Don’t work out your drama on stage, no airing dirty laundry from your breakup, no burlesque or lip syncing, no reading someone elses story or poem - we want to hear about your experiences.

To be one of our storytellers at our next event, email text or your story or a voice recording of it to