Perform at Rule 34 Club


so you want to perform at rule 34 club?

EXCELLENT! WELCOME! We are always looking for new people to come and show us their stuff at the club!

To perform with us at an upcoming monthly show or party, please take a look at the upcoming show dates and deadlines before filling out the form below.

You’ll notice our application form is extremely detailed. Well, it has to be.

Rule 34 Club shows involve a diversity of people and ideas, often resulting in performances that are funny, outrageous, highly sexual and sometimes explores intense themes and sensitive topics that may be triggering to some people. Our fearlessness is our point of difference but we try to be sensitive to other peoples triggers.

While we try not to censor, we need to keep you you, the audience and Rule 34 as safe as possible by making sure your content fits within our guidelines. Having all of this information upfront means we can understand your intention and apply content warnings where possible.

You can help us reduce risk by spending 10 minutes filling out the form below in detail. We appreciate your understanding!

If you have a vague idea for a performance, or you want us to put you on our books for gigs outside of Rule 34 shows, or you have a question or feedback about the form below - email

If you want to tell a (5 mins or less) original story/spoken word/song as part of our Open Mic section (OPEN MOUTH) - click here. Please note OPEN MOUTH is not a paid position but you will receive a free ticket to the show!

Thank you!


Upcoming shows & deadlines:

“Hurts So Good”


Show date: 7 August 2019

Pitch deadline: 3 July

Notified of acceptance: 8 July

Promo images/text due: 17 July

Music/stage details due: 31 July

“Squad Ghouls/Creep it Real” - Halloween


Show date: 9 October 2019

Pitch deadline: 11 September

Notified of acceptance: 16 September

Promo images/text due: 18 October

Music/stage details due: 2 October

“Human Rodeo” PARTY


TBA - November

“Human Santapede”


TBA - December



Rule 34 means “if it exists, there is porn of it” and that is at the core of every single show we have.

Does your show pervert the norm? Is it entertaining? Then you’re on to a winner!

Rule 34 shows should always be strange but sexy… gross but erotic… funny but frisky… disgusting but captivating. Show people something they haven’t thought of before. Subvert and pervert the norm! Take something bland and develop a whole bizarre and horny narrative around it.

Check out our GALLERIES to see the images from the past shows for some inspo!

Whether you’re a seasoned performer, a newbie or you’ve never done a show, Rule 34 is an excellent place to do a show. If you’ve ever been in the audience at one of our shows, you’ll know that the atmosphere is electric - it’s really something special.

Types of performance we love: SKITS SKITS SKITS, short films, spoken word and storytelling, really bent and bizarre burlesque, weird party tricks, kink & fetish, blood, bodily fluids, beyond drag, sick humour, performances that command attention and slap you in the face, nudity, filth, kooky erotica, wtf porn, weird gameshows, films and projections, shows that use more of the space than just the stage, DIY everything!

We’re not so hot for: classical/traditional burlesque, really long shibari performances, straight up lip syncing and not much else, traditional circus and magic tricks, karaoke UNLESS YOU TAKE THESE AND PERVERT THEM INTO SOMETHING RULE 34!

WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR: Whorephobia and anti-sex work, racism, ageism, cultural appropriation, fat phobia, transphobia, queerphobia, ableism, bullying or generally punching down. No working out your drama on stage! Black face, yellow face, fat suits, accents that don’t belong to your heritage, “jokes” about minorities - no no no. If you need any more information about what these might look like, just ask us.

Rule 34 is for performers of all ages (18+), all genders, all sexualities and all abilities. We crave diversity!


General guidelines for your show:

  • Your show should be 4-7 minutes long. 10 minutes absolute max.

  • Rule 34 is all about pushing yourself and the norm. Are you known for a particular type of performance? Use our stage as a place to experiment… push yourself. Take it to the next level!


  • In terms of nudity and what you’re “allowed to do”… anything goes within reason. Let us know what you’re thinking…

  • Please disclose any audience participation in the form below. Consent is necessary - even with audience members!

  • We provide backstage people to help with whatever you need, but your set up and pack down should be able to be done in a minute or two.

  • We also accept video submissions for projection (up to 10 minutes in length ) is fine. If your film is longer, we still may be keen! As filthy as you want!

  • Please only commit to a show if you genuinely plan on going through with it. Of course things happen sometimes, but it can be too heartbreaking on our end to have to replace performers last minute, especially as we try to ensure the shows/ideas/performers are diverse.



Phew. You made it to the performer expression of interest form!

Which show are you interested in applying for? *
If you have an act for an upcoming show that doesn't fit either of these themes or you are a touring artist, please email
Please list your emergency contact's name, phone number and relationship to you.
Please list any medical conditions you have that should be known by event organisers.
Where are you located? *
Performer facebook link, website, Instagram tag, etc - if you have one.
Please describe how you identify or what labels you use to describe yourself.
Rough estimate is fine
Performance type *
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Does your performance use any of the following? *
Please give a detailed description.
Please provide details of mess and clean up required
Is there speaking or dialogue during your performance? *
If you select yes, we will be in touch to see script.
Please provide details.
Does your performance utilise audience participation? *
Please provide a detailed description of what the audience member/s are required to do.
Does your performance explore any topics that could be considered a trigger? (Please select any that apply) *
Select any and all that apply
How does your show explore these themes you have selected?
If you have any special requirements or considerations, please outline here.
Each show is documented by a videographer and photographer, with those images/footage being used to advertise future Rule 34 shows. Do you consent to being photographed and filmed by Rule 34?
Please read the Artist Responsibilities outlined below and indicate that you accept them. PLEASE NOTE that you MUST confirm that you DO ACCEPT by selecting the appropriate button below: • Artist accepts responsibility for their own Public Liability Insurance. When performing you are not covered by the events public liability insurance. • Artist accepts they have disclosed the entire content of their performance, including sensitive content and potential trigger warnings. • Artist accepts they will provide a tax invoice with their ABN for payment (if payment has been negotiated). Alternatively, if artist does not have an ABN, they will supply the STATEMENT BY SUPPLIER FORM along with their invoice.
I accept the artist responsibilities *
If you have any questions, please email

Feel free to email if you have any questions.