Quotes from the audience

Always bizarre, always welcoming, and the kind of sexy that makes you slightly uncomfortable in the best way.
— Asha
When I’m at Rule 34, I feel like I’m in a John Waters movie.
— Audience member
The most crazy and awesome night out. Love it every single time.
— Katy
Best night out ever. I can’t remember a night where I’ve laughed as much
— UV Creatus
One of the best places in Sydney for queer performers and their fans. The crowd is so welcoming, the performers eclectic, the themes hilarious and gross in equal measure. What a wonderful event for the community. Highly recommend!
— Tenille
One of the best nights I’ve been to in Sydney...and lucky enough to perform at also!! Really great experience as both a guest and a performer!! Rule34 rules!!
— Jolene (InkBits)
Therapy in its truest form. I laugh, I cry, I cringe, I socialise, I eat pizza and drink whisky, all while being amazed at what a wonderful, creative community Rule 34 club has created. One night I month I try not to miss! Congrats to all in evolved and all who dare to step on the stage and play xo
— Electra Amore
Always such an amazing show with phenomenal performances. Some things are exciting, some things can get under your skin, and some things still make me laugh months on. The amount of creativity that is shown in every single show is absolutely mind blowing!
— Jess
The Greatest Show on Earth!!! My face hurt from laughing and smiling. I will go whenever I can. The organisers have hit on an amazing theme. I love it!!
— Scarlet
Diverse, ridiculous, funny, stupid, amateur, professional, freeing, liberating, rude, tame, shocking, creative, brave, sensual. Its kind of our tribe.
— Claire

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