Krubera Ovipositor REVIEW

Ever wonder how it feels to be fucked and impregnated by a 12 inch alien dong?

Well wonder no more, because now you too can roleplay egg-laying extraterrestrial xenomorph fantasies to your weird little heart's content.

The Krubera comes to us from Primal Hardwere - sex toy company based in New Hampshire that creates "niche products to the adult toy industry for lesser known fetishes". From Puffer Fish butt plugs to cactus dildos, the Tonguetacle (36 inch tongue) and the Bed Bug egg laying dildo (shudder), Primal Hardwere is certainly creating stuff you'd never see in your local porn shop.

They're also the perverts who produce Ovipositors - sex toys shaped like tubular organs that deposit eggs. Why have a normal dildo when you can have one that lays eggs, right?

At Primal Hardwere, you can pick from the following Ovipositors: Bed Bug, Brogoth, G'lorp, Splorch, Squick and the one I have in my hot little hands - the Krubera.


The Krubera is a tube-like member that features a textured 11 inch shaft and a 12 inch overall length. You can use it as a regular dildo, or you can use it as it's intended and purchase an egg mold from the site and make your own gelatin eggs. Once you've made the eggs, you squeeze them through the ovipositor as it distends, ripples and writhes the eggs through it's shaft until they gently pop out of the head.


So, is the ovipositor actually functional for sex?

Well... yes, yes it is and it's definitely enjoyable. It's bizarre, it's big, it's squishy, it's alien... it feels taboo and it feels pretty damn good to use on someone or have used on you.

Here's a demo of the Splorch ovipositor in action.

While I enjoyed the Krubera, here are some tips I wish I knew before I got my alien impregnation fantasy on.

1. The egg mold is a big of a pain in the arse. You are meant to clip the two parts together, fill the mold with the gelatin mixture and let it set in the fridge. At least the first 5 times I tried it, I either ended up with hot gelatin all over my kitchen bench or slowly leaking into the tray of my fridge. Basically the mold wasn't super functional. I know they have released a new version of the mold since, so that may work. I ended up laying the two molds flat, filling the halves with gelatin and then once they had set, using heat to melt the two halves together. The person below clearly had the same issue.


2. The gelatin warms up really quickly when you're using it. So I found that my hands were melting the eggs in half (probably because of how I had to join them to make them become eggs and stop destroying my fridge). I found that they were separating in my hands and in the ovipositor pretty quickly. That didn't matter too much though as the recipient of my alien eggs still felt the gelatinous eggs being laid inside her.

3. Back to the gelatin melting... what goes in, must come out. You lay those eggs in a warm body and they will come out as liquid. I loved the surprise visual of the eggs going in and coming out as torrents of sticky hot extraterrestrial ovum though...

Overall, I love the Krubera ovipositor but the egg molds are a let down and you need them to be functional to be able to enjoy the product fully.

Price: starting from $105(USD).

Colours: You can customise the base and shaft of the ovipositors however you like, including glitter silicones.

Rating: 4/5 

You can buy the Krubera from Primal Hardwere.

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